Monday, May 26, 2014

Recommended reading: 27 May 2014

Every week hundreds of articles are shared on Twitter and FB. This is an attempt to highlight important things that are happening around the world (and New Zealand). It won't encompass everything of course just 5 interesting articles to read. Hope you are a little bit more informed. 

1. World Meteorological Organization says, "Time is running out" [on climate change]

2. A legal loophole called "admitting privileges" which means increasingly women in the South will cease to have access to safe abortions - read here and here

3. The Prime Minister of New Zealand wants to be called a 'liar' by the Opposition Leader.

4. Pakistani PM attend's Indian PM's inauguration. In the words of Vice President Joe Biden this is a BFD. 

5. And in case you already forgot about the last hashtag flavour of the month #Bringbackourgirls - Nigerian Military now say they know where the 200 girls are being held. 

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