Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recommended reading: A bloggish edition (June 18 2014)

This week I'd like to draw your attention to some blogposts. 
  1. The Green Party launched its abortion policy ahead of the election in New Zealand which made me wonder about what getting an abortion really is like in New Zealand. I have received a small number of correspondence and it's been eye opening even for a staunchly pro-choice person like myself. The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand directed me to their post on the mandatory nature of ultrasounds which has a compilation of other articles on the topic of abortion in general. Well worth having a look. 
  2. And staying with the abortion topic, Public Address looks at Conservative Leader Colin Craig's position on abortion
  3. Commercial media's obsession with creating hype for profit. This is in the context of a developing New Zealand political scandal but the commentary is universal. 
  4. The Century Foundation - one of the oldest liberal thinktanks in America has a blog and this post looks at universal pre-K (what we in NZ would call ECE) as a way to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline that is the American reality. Lots of really interesting facts. 
  5. And staying with the topic of children, over at Pundit, the Children's Commissioner's call to increase welfare with a focus on our children

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