Thursday, June 26, 2014

The top 10 #nzpol tweets this week - June 26, 2014

The last week has been chock full of political events and so twitter was buzzing. Prime Minister John Key finished up his visit in Washington DC (*ahem* NSA),  Labour list was announced, we found out that the NZ Herald and John Key are far worse than gossiping girls from the Upper Eastside, a Labour MP used the phrase "boys will be boys" in response to a stabbing at a school, John Key's biography came out - also courtesy of a Herald journalist, and we found out more about the details of Shane Jones appointment, which looks even dodgier than the appointment of Susan Devoy (athlete) as Race Relations Commissioner, Dr. Jackie Blue (National MP) as EEO Commissioner, Dr. Wayne Mapp (National Minister) at the Law Commission, Ian Fletcher (John Key's mate) at the GCSB - to name a few.

But I managed to have great conversations on Twitter about hashtags - specifically related to the upcoming New Zealand election with folks from many sides of the 'aisle' and had a near twitter fight with National/Greens supporter Ben Rachinger on the last Labour govt. We ended on a good note though. A reminder that 140 character is up for all sorts of interpretation and political colours are often more than just red and blue. 

But enough chit-chat, here are the top tweets in #nzpol from this week! 

On Labour's list, which attempts to close the gap between men and women politicians. had an horrendously sexist headline and front page and used scare quotes to talk about Labour's talented list (because, women) but we got through it without invoking 'man ban' too many times.  

Speaker David Carter's #nzqt performance continues to be shockingly bad. He desperately needs remedial lessons with Lockwood. 

I thought we had put Colin Craig behind us after last week but then this photo emerged. TVNZ Journo Heather duPlessisAllan makes a very important point. Please make it stop. 

We are starting to see more photos being shared on Twitter as it has become more photo-friendly (recently also gif-friendly). @nintendoug continues to provide us with great book covers. He even has a Tumblr page. But this little graphic was gold! 

The NZ Herald's handling of the Donghua Liu "donations" has been shockingly bad. Or is it really that shocking? There was the 'statement vs. affidavit' mistake, the reporting of John Key's "rumours" as facts, the 'confirmation' of donation to a rowing club, the inability to distinguish between an office party and donation... the list goes on. Twitter people can be so funny. Like this: 

Wait what? I must know more about this: 

Ha ha ha.

This should not be surprising. Kiwiblog and David Farrar are not neutral observers. I don't know why people think that. 

And finally, John Key's book. This made me laugh so hard. (If you haven't read Harry Potter, I have judgmental feelings towards you.)

10 Rules of Top 10
1. Tweets must be funny or thoughtful or informative or display critical analysis 
2. What is funny or thoughtful or informative or display critical analysis is subjective and determined by me.
3. I may provide commentary on the tweet if it particularly strikes my fancy
4. They are not ranked from 1-10
5. Disclosure: I *am* particularly looking to highlight gender and racial minority voices
6. If you want to point me to the direction of a good tweet, please do it!
7. Using the #nzpol/#nzqt/#nzvotes is helpful but not required
8. I hope to get better about this as the weeks progress
9. I am a big fan of correct spelling and grammar (but I know mistakes happen too!)
10. Let's try to use social media for good and raise the level of debate! 

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