Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top 10 #nzpol tweets this week - June 19, 2014

House was finally this week after a recess period so Twitter was slightly more active and of course there were some interesting news such as that infamous Cunliffe letter and John Key's trip to the United States.

Before we get started, my weekend TL completely overtaken by the Fairfax photo of Colin Craig which spurred Twitter user @nintendoug to do a whole bunch of Mills and Boon-esque book covers. You should check out his work on Twitter which has now expanded. I couldn't pick the best one. All of them are great. 

Ok on to the best Tweets this week: 

This is a good form of citizen engagement. I remember when the GCSB bills were going through, I think it was David Cunliffe who said we should CC John Key into all our emails because he is so hell-bent on invading our privacy. I liked that idea.

Ha ha ha. I think this is a good way to use social media. They know their audience and they are up with what the audience is up with.

  Yes I want to see that too!

I can't decide if this makes her totally badass or crazy! 

Lots of Twitter commentary on the near extinction of Maui's dolphins. Pretty sad...

As a millennial, who feels incredibly old, I feel like I am forever waiting for my chance to bring about positive change. I do feel often that young people like myself (if you can call me that) are waiting and then we get frustrated so we give up.   

10 Rules of Top 10
1. Tweets must be funny or thoughtful or informative or display critical analysis 
2. What is funny or thoughtful or informative or display critical analysis is subjective and determined by me.
3. I may provide commentary on the tweet if it particularly strikes my fancy
4. They are not ranked from 1-10
5. Disclosure: I *am* particularly looking to highlight gender and racial minority voices
6. If you want to point me to the direction of a good tweet, please do it!
7. Using the #nzpol/#nzqt/#nzvotes is helpful but not required
8. I hope to get better about this as the weeks progress
9. I am a big fan of correct spelling and grammar (but I know mistakes happen too!)
10. Let's try to use social media for good and raise the level of debate! 

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